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Home news Product Tips What Great Hiking And Climbing Safety Shoes!
women safety shoes for maintain climbing

What Great Hiking And Climbing Safety Shoes!

Aug, 10, 2022

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The summer holidays are here. I am a Chinese teacher and therefore have a two-month holiday. I always treasure my holiday life because I don't have much free time during the school days. Once on holiday, I like to go hiking every evening with my friends or family because I get to talk to some people during the hike and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.



Safety shoes give me more comfort and peace of mind


As we all know, climbing mountains is not always completely risk-free. Let me give you two examples. Firstly, there may be some sharp objects on the road surface of the mountain, such as small stones. Also, some of the mountain paths are wet, thus creating the possibility for us to slip and fall. So, my husband has prepared a pair of safety shoes for women for me. as the picture shows, the shoes are brown and look very stylish. So, what properties does it have?

safety shoes


Puncture resistance


As we mentioned earlier, there can be sharp objects such as small stones on the road. This pair of safety shoes has a steel plate embedded in the sole, which effectively protects against punctures by sharp objects underfoot. It is impossible to damage your foot with a nail underneath, not to mention a small stone.



Waterproof and anti-slip


There are times when water accumulates on the mountain paths, making the road slippery. In fact, even dry surfaces can be slippery under the influence of gravity, as the hills are mostly sloping. This pair of shoes is not considered a professional non-slip and waterproof safety shoe, but it does have some of these two features and is good enough for climbing as a sport.





I am also a person who cares about the appearance of my shoes, after all, everyone has a love of beauty. These shoes are not particularly attractive, but they are stylish and look like casual shoes. I can even wear them for photos.





You must be wondering where my husband bought these shoes. Let me tell you, he bought them at Kameymall. They were originally priced at $95.40, but now you can get them for only $71. Hurry up and grab this rare opportunity to get a great deal.


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