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Home news Product Why Choose Air Track Mats for Gymnastics
inflatable durable sturdy gymnastics air track

Why Choose Air Track Mats for Gymnastics

Dec, 06, 2022

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Gymnastic Air Track Mat is a great choice for creating an ideal training environment for gymnastics, providing you with a soft landing surface for tumbling, which at the same time protects you from injuries.


Best of all, it is inexpensive and comes with a number of benefits that you may prefer over traditional workout equipment such as old-style tumbling mats and other gym flooring surfaces.


Air Track Mat is not just another mat or flooring surface – this ground cushion is unique in its portability, convenience, firmness, safety, and durability.


What it does

gymnastics air mat tumble track

An Air Gymnastic Track is a piece of inflatable equipment used in gymnastics as a surface for tumbling and rolling exercises, which is also commonly used both indoors and outdoors for players to crawl, slide, bend back, tumble, and so on.


This kind of mat is also called a trampoline mat, tumble mat, or even exercise mat – whatever you want. They are soft and durable play mats made from plastic and covered with non-toxic fire-retardant material.


More importantly, is there a possibility that you have been wondering why on earth you need to invest in an air track mat? If that is the case then you are on the right page. This article discusses some of the most highlighted features of the best gymnastics air track.


Benefits Shown Off!

Increasingly, the air track mat has been quietly becoming a must-have piece as home-used fitness equipment, winning people’s hearts and minds by providing better bounce and convenience other than just soft landing.


If you think this is what it is all about? Then you are wrong! The rewards you will get are much more than what was mentioned above, and we will take you to explore more WHY this mat has become so popular through the following discussion.


Better bounce

home gymnastics air track


As opposed to concrete floors, gymnastic mats have a much better bounce when compared to them. Generally speaking, this is due to the fact that when they are struck with a piece of apparatus, they do absorb as much force as they used to.


It is also a more forgiving surface in that if you do have to impact them, the bounce will be higher and softer than when you hit them with concrete.


Various thickness

air floor tumble track


For stakeholders, such as gymnasts, coaches, or parents, there are different thicknesses of gymnastics mats that they can choose from in order to suit their needs. If the mat is thicker, then it will have more padding, and therefore you will feel softer when landing on it.


Air track mats for gymnastics are made from high-density material and are usually coated with a waterproof finish that aids in preventing water from sticking to players’ bodies, allowing them to exercise safely and do whatever they want without too much worry.


Different sizes

air track mat sizes


Depending on the size of the air mat, there are a number of options available to you. In terms of width and length, standard models usually run between 10-15 feet long and 3-6 feet wide, while these can be extended to a length as far as 50 glorious feet for larger models.


The more space you have, the more freedom you have to move around. Gymnasts looking for the most protection possible should therefore opt for air mats out of all the options available to them.


Unlike ordinary ground training cushions, in which case multiple mats need to be purchased and connected end-to-end for a long enough tumbling pass, air track mats innovatively own a very long-length pass for a subsequence of movements, which is a cost saving.



air track mat weight limit


In terms of physical demands, gymnastics can be quite a tough sport to participate in. The right gym equipment is therefore very important when it comes to setting up your training environment. Because of their large size and heavy weight, it is usually perceived that gymnastics equipment and facilities are bulky and difficult to maintain.


To change the old perception, the air track mats now are made of high-quality material - - PVC, to facilitate athlete’s training by providing total freedom of movement while giving stable support under the athlete's feet.


The thing is the mat is the study and durable but also lightweight with an innovative design. A complimentary inflator pump is normally used to blow up air tumble track whenever and wherever needed. Coaches and young trainees are no longer worry about it is to heavy to carry or move around, making it portable and convenient.


Additional Pros

The weight, thickness, size, and bounce are the benefits that are the ones that normally would pop into consumers’ minds when purchasing it. But there are still some other add-on advantages that the creative air mat will bring you.


Reduce injuries

tumble track air mat


As a result of the equipment used in gymnastics, many gymnasts have suffered injuries - breaking ankles, hips, and Achilles tendons, as well as fracturing wrists. One of the factors that could be associated with these injuries is the hardness of the floor itself, even though it is hard to tell exactly what causes them.


A track mat made out of hard plastic material is much less cushy than a traditional track mat, considering that it is made from a material that makes the firmness more similar to the floor on which most runners practice.


Even though there is a difference in the feeling as compared with the old foam mats, it still feels like running on a real track compared to what you would experience when running on an ordinary foam mat.


Space saving

air track gymnastics mat cheap

The mat is friendly for home practice. It only takes a few minutes to get ready to practice: Just grab your mat and place it on a flat, and then plug a plump in to get inflated. A stable surface will show up shortly. As for putting it up afterward, it is also quite straightforward; you just need to reverse these steps a little and you will be good to go.


You might consider leaving your mat inflated if you have a lot of space inside or if you live somewhere with pleasant weather all year round. Don’t need to feel annoyed if this is not the case for you. Both inflation and deflation are easy and handy to handle.


Find an appropriate space to roll the mat over and inflate it whenever you want to practice, then let it deflate before you can put it away when you are done. It is important to mention that inflatable mats have a much higher storage capacity. An air mat can be compressed down to a couple of cubic feet if it is completely deflated.


Cost saving

air track mat for gymnastics


When talking about new arrivals, the first concern that comes into consumers’ minds will be “whether my wallet can afford it?”, since there are plenty of advantages to inflatable tumbling mats. For instance, they offer safety, responsiveness, and functionality.


As is known to all, the perks that come with all those advantages aren't cheap, though, making itself unluckily impossible to access for gymnasts who don’t have a lot of disposable income.


However, the price of inflatable mats at our online mall, Kameymall, is affordable and unbeatable. If you pay that price for an air mat at other stores, you could buy several at ours. If you're willing to sacrifice a little bit of time to enjoy some browsing time, then jumping at our mall might be the way to go.


Buying Is Better Than Browsing

An air track mat is a great training tool for gymnastics. For training use, an air track mat can help you maintain your fitness and practice techniques at home. It's also a convenient way to give your workout routine an extra boost of activity, helping you work and maintain your muscles.


An air track mat is also by far a safer way to do the back handspring than the floor or a springboard. Due to air track mats' superior cushioning, landing gently upon it will prevent injuries such as broken bones.


What are you waiting for? Grabbing yourself a good exercise mat for gymnastics, do not hesitate. There are many advantages to using it. Just like any other sport, the body must be trained, especially the whole body. The best way to train more effectively is to use our best air track for gymnastics.

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