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Gymnastics Is Good For Kids

Apr, 28, 2022

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Did you know that gymnastics is great for people of all ages and babies are no exception? Well, after reading about its benefits for babies, you will definitely get your child to start exercising gymnastics in your home.

However, although gymnastics has many benefits, we also need to focus on protecting our children. You can buy an air track mat to protect your child!

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Promotes mental development and brain development

The various movements in gymnastic exercises are governed and regulated by the nervous system only. When a person is active, the nerves in the muscles transmit various stimulus impulses to the brain, thus facilitating the brain's function and making it more responsive to movements. A federal German report from a few years ago said that babies who learn gymnastics grow up to be more intelligent, independent and self-confident than other children. From a physiological point of view, physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, which supplies more nutrients and oxygen to brain cells.

Nutrition is very important in determining intelligence, and exercise is more beneficial to the intake of nutrients by infants and young J children, promoting the normal growth and development of brain cells, which is beneficial to intellectual development.

Building strength and developing coordination and balance

If the abdominal muscles, waist muscles, back muscles and limb support are strengthened before the development of various movements in young children, as well as strengthening the muscular strength of the lower limbs and training some conditioned reflexes to establish connections in the brain centre, the movements of young children can become sensitive and their muscles become developed.

Increase in height

Gymnastic exercises enhance the function of the child's organ systems and make the child physically fit. Children are able to grow taller because of the growth of bones throughout the body, especially the long bones, as the epiphyseal cartilage at the ends of the long bones is the growth point of the bone. Thanks to sports, the blood circulation is improved, the bone tissue gets more nutrients and, at the same time, sports act as a mechanical stimulus for the bones. Therefore, it encourages accelerated bone growth and a consequent increase in the child's height.



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