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Diamond Shape Face For Human Hair Wigs

Apr, 28, 2022

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A very interesting face shape, the length from nose to forehead is the same as the length from nose to chin. The widths of the forehead and jawline are similar according to the measurements. Only the width of the cheekbones is the widest part of the face.

In such a face shape you should not play heavy on the texture for human hair wigs, especially in the crown area, as this will make your forehead look smaller and your cheekbones wider.

Buy hair extensions like virgin straight hair as it is the best option to experiment with. Go for wigs or closures with straight bundles or pure straight hair. Because of the sleek texture of this hair, it gives you room to play with them and shape them in a way that makes the width of your cheekbones look smaller in size. Some must-have hairstyles for a diamond cut face shape are.

Short Wig Cheap

Side fringes

If you buy straight hair extensions, such as straight hair extensions, and create side fringes, you can solve two purposes. Firstly, only a small part of your forehead will be visible due to the side fringes, therefore putting more focus on your forehead.

Secondly, the side bangs will cover part of your cheekbones, which will make your cheekbones look smaller. This way, both your problems will be solved and you will get the impression of a perfectly oval face shape.


Straight mid-parted hair layers
As you have a perfect forehead, you can put the main focus on it with a centre parting. The only challenge here is to play up your cheekbone area. To do this, you can cut your hair from Kameymall to a length that touches your cheekbones, giving you wide folds on the sides of your face, and then the rest of your hair can stay as it is.

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