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Two Skills Of Gymnastics

Apr, 21, 2022

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Have you ever learnt gymnastics? Do you know much about gymnastic moves? Today, I would like to share with you some basic gymnastic moves to practice.

However, before practising gymnastics, we need to prepare the air track mat for ourselves, as it protects us from injuries when we come into direct contact with the hard floor. The air track mat will also provide a greater degree of safety in the event of an accident.

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Fish leap forward roll

Firstly, start with a half-squat with your arms back, swing your arms forward and leap forward and up with both feet. Secondly, keep your chest in the air, your hips slightly flexed and your legs straight (look down in front of you). Again, then with both hands on the mat, bend your arms in a controlled manner, lower your head and roll your body forward to stand up.

Protection and assistance: Firstly, the protection helper stands to the side of the mat where the practitioner's hands will be supporting the mat, with one hand on the shoulders and one hand on the thighs, to help cushion the landing and roll forward. Secondly, the protection helper stands to the side of the practitioner at the jumping point and, when he jumps, sends him forward with both hands on his thighs to help him get up in the air and roll forward.

Teaching method: Firstly, do a forward roll with a long reach. Secondly, practice leaping up by imitating a rabbit jump. In addition, do a forward roll from a high place to a low place. Also, do fish tumbles over obstacles (e.g. low jump boxes) with help.



Firstly, start with a squat with your hands shoulder-width apart, brace the mat in an approximately equilateral triangle with the front of your head, pinch your elbows in, lift your hips and slowly straighten your legs. Secondly, when the hips are vertical, lift one leg up and stir the other leg to the ground. Again, when the body is stable, extend the hips with the legs together into a headstand position.

Protection and assistance: Firstly, the protection helper stands in front of the practitioner's side, with both hands on the waist, and when in a headstand, both hands on the lower legs instead. Secondly, when the headstand is unstable and falls forward, lower the head and do a forward roll to protect yourself.

Teaching method: Firstly, do a headstand against the wall. Next, squat, lift one leg up, squat the other leg down and then do a headstand with the legs together. In addition, squat, with both feet on the ground, bend your legs to do a headstand. Finally, a slow headstand starting with a split-legged stance.


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