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Unusual Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Jan, 02, 2022

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In addition to some popular sports, there are many unusual sports around the world, you may not have heard of or discovered? Here are some unusual sports from all over the world. Some of them may be hard to believe, but they must be played by real people.


Cheese rolling

In Cooper Mountain, Gloucestershire, England, people participate in the annual cheese rolling event. In this sport, a large cheese wheel rolls down a steep hillside. Then, the contestants will chase it. The first person to reach the foot of the mountain will win the cheese. It sounds like a very interesting game, but due to the steep slope, it caused several injuries. Learn more about this unusual sport in our article, what is cheese rolling?


Underwater hockey
Hockey is a very popular sport. It has varieties such as hockey and ice hockey. But did you know there is still underwater hockey? Yes, it is also called Octopush. This sport is being played all over the world. It involves two teams. The goal is to push a stick puck across the floor of the swimming pool into the opponent's team.


Toe wrestling
This unusual toe wrestling sport can be traced back to 1976, when the British wanted to win the world sports championship. This sport involves two competitors who will go from toe to toe. They will interlock their toes and try to immobilize their opponent's feet. Read our article, What is toe wrestling, to get more information about this unusual sport.


This is a sport that rolls downhill in the sphere. The sphere is usually made of transparent plastic. It is performed on gentle slopes, but will also work on level surfaces to gain more rider control. For some people, this is an extreme sport, but others think it is just a fun leisure sport because it has no competition. To learn more about this sport, read our post zorb ball, which you can buy from Kameymall.

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