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What Is An Air Track?

Feb, 06, 2022

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An air track is an innovation in gym mats that is inflatable and is used widely for commercial purposes. It has recently been launched but has become quite the craze among young and keen gym freaks.

If you are also a young and keen gym freak, then an air track is worth the investment for you.

50 foot air track

What is an Air Track made up of?

Air Track provides full support for practicing jumps, somersaults, and flips. For this purpose, they are made from resilient and sturdy materials like military grade PVC and drop stitch fabric which makes an air track durable and water resistant.


What is an Air Track filled with?

An Air Track is filled with nothing else but air. They have replaced traditional padded gym mats for several reasons, like excellent support, bounce, and rebound for gymnasts practicing jumps and leads. This is why they guarantee fewer injuries during practice sessions.


What is Drop Stitch fabric?

If you don’t know what drop stitch fabric is, let us tell you. It is a special coating technology using polyester threads to stitch the top and bottom layer of the Air Track PVC material. This innovative technology provides stability to Air Tracks even when exposed to high pressure and repeated striking from gymnasts and athletes.

Though Air Tracks are made from a robust, high quality, and sturdy material, they aren’t indestructible. Heat and pounding can affect the fabric and damage it beyond repair. So it’s better to use it on safe, stable, and smooth surfaces. It is advised to keep the Air Track away from heat sources.


Why choose Kameymall?

If you are planning to buy an Air Track, you are welcome to browse Kameymall.

Kameymall is a great cross-border e-commerce platform providing a wide variety of Air Tracks. You can choose your favorite type to have a blast at the gym. We are committed to providing quality. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order.

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