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Inflatable Zorb Ball

Feb, 06, 2022

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Inflatable Zorb Ball is an attraction full of adrenaline that has positioned itself as one of the favorites for users, regardless of age, children, youth, and adults. It has gained enormous popularity due to its versatility since it has two modes of use, terrestrial and aquatic.
The Zorb Ball from Kameymall has a novel and resistant design; it is very practical and quick to use, it only needs to be inflated once, and it will be ready to start having fun. If you want to initiate an inflatable Zorb Ball rental business, it cannot be missing from your portfolio.
It is a very safe activity, the necessary measures and training are taken so that the game inside and outside the ball is fun, avoiding any risk. You only need a natural or synthetic garden in excellent condition to roll and roll inside the Inflatable Zorb Ball.

blow up hamster ball
We present the different styles:

Zorb Ball Hydro
The Hydro Zorb Ball or hamster ball is an attraction with a lot of fun and adrenaline. It is designed to be used both in water and on land. It does not include safety harnesses (optional) since it is used with water inside to roll on a slope or zorb ramp. It is also used in inflatable pools, swimming pools, beaches, lakes.
Nuclear Zorb Ball
The Nuclear Zorb Ball or Zorbing has a unique design that generates a high visual impact, thus drawing the attention of its users and increasing the demand for the attraction. It is an excellent inflatable option to be used by children, youth, and adults, providing healthy and safe adrenaline for users.
Glowing Zorb Ball
The Glowing Zorb Ball or Zorbing has a special design that makes it unique and perfect for night events, shows, concerts.

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