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Zorb Ball-A Thrilling Extreme Sport

Apr, 24, 2022

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Zorb ball is a relatively new extreme sport, which originated from New Zealand. And New Zealand is has the world’s longest zorb track, it is over 700 meters long. If you have a chance come to this country, zorb ball is really a hot project that can try.

The security for zorb ball is very high. Unlike bungee, rock climbing or any other extreme sports, which place too much load to the heart. So there are not so many physical limitations to participants, but make sure the participant's body is healthy.

Bubble Hamster

It is very thrilling to use a zorb ball

Once the person enters the sphere and rolls down the hill, centrifugal force will bring the ball closer to the wall so the person does not spin 360 degrees with the ball. The balloon is 50 centimeters thick of air, the balloon collision objects and places within the rough rolling, it will create a dampening effect, in which people feel safe and are not injured. If people feel the rapid heart beat, very thrilling.


Age and scope
Applicable age: Zorb ball is suitable for healthy people between the ages of 12 and 55.


Scope of application:
Parks, wild grasslands, water parks, ski resorts, sand skiing grounds and children's parks, sloping hills; Tourist attractions and so on.


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