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Getting More Sexy Than Other Girls On Beach!

Apr, 21, 2022

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It's not just the clothes this year, it's even the bikinis. Retro style bikini can not only cover the waist of meat, but also special ballet temperament beauty, want to go to the seaside children's shoes can be into a set, and to a big straw hat, perfect!  

Colors for good body shape girls

Girls with bikini swimsuits will definitely turn heads. Purple, ginger, indigo, coffee and army green are all fashionable colors this year. Tassels, folk styles and flounces are all in fashion this year. We can find this year's fashions in the pictures below.  


The short shoulder assembly bikini of girl wind, it is the most lethal. Female, who is very confident about her figure, can add a little more caution, that is, color, style must choose this year's popular, and add a long thin blouse. Bowknot, tassel, lotus leaf edge, it is the first selection that bikini is not 2 this year, do not wear chic floret on the head, add a straw hat, it is very fashion.  Girls look at the choice of their own!  


Very vivid expressions, not only show the charm of the atmosphere, but also make you look thinner and more comfortable to wear.  Simple solid colors let you show perfect slim waist and perfect legs, let us on the road of life more perfect to glory, look at this. This high-waisted stretch leotard is a combination of premium fabric and craftsmanship. The fabric is softer, easier to wear and slimming. Melting vogue is worn build, show a vogue does not break dignified breath again.  Colorful personality design is also a highlight, perfect embellishment of the female figure, there is a noble and elegant aesthetic feeling.  

Go with sexy bikinis beach in summer

The figure of the tight swimsuit is super western, and the clothes are youthful. The footsteps unconsciously light. The visual effect shows the long legs, and the effect of covering the meat shows the thin. Look at the beautiful woman's fashion, the workmanship is very delicate and exquisite. The swimsuit elongates the leg line, in addition to showing height in summer can also show the perfect figure, to stand out from the crowd. Bikinis show a simple, clean, fashionable temperament. No matter it is worn directly outside the bottom, it is very stylish. Three-quarters of the sleeves are cut noble and generous, and the hem of the trousers looks thin. It's good to wear with, too. Kameymall is endeavouring to provide as more information as we can collect to give femals more suggestions of bikini wearings. Find us and share with us your bikini wearing experiences!

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