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blue gymnastics air track for parents

Buy The Blue Air Track Mat

Jul, 20, 2022

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If you want to stay active and healthy at home. Then hurry up and take a look at this mat that is perfect for home exercise.


Today I want to introduce you to this air track mat.

huge air track


Avoid injuries at all times: the air track mat is kinder to your body thanks to its soft impact! Our air track mat helps prevent injuries and protects your body to improve your teenager's skills such as jumping, rolling, handstands, flips, more fun, and fewer injuries!

High-quality material: Our air track mat is made of double-layer waterproof PVC material. Compared to panel mats, the air track mat is stronger but provides bounce and plenty of rebounds. Weight capacity is 250 lbs. So don't worry about your weight-bearing and start your training!

Easy to inflate and deflate: Equipped with a professional electric pump, the gymnastics airway can be inflated or deflated in less than 1 minute. The valve has an excellent leak-proof feature that allows the air track mat to maintain its pressure for several days. Note: Make sure the valve is closed after inflation.

Waterproof and safe - Our air beam is soft enough to allow you to jump higher and to repeat jumps more often, with less chance of injury from overuse than traditional training equipment.

Brushed fabric material: ensure the air track mat surface is smooth and firm.

Valve design: prevent air from entering, can be set aside without damage
Mobile handle design: there are handles on both sides of the product position, so you can move it at will.


Where it can be used

This air track mat is perfect for your health workouts, such as gymnastics, cheerleading, or tumbling. So you can use the training mat in the gym, at school or in the garden. In addition, it is waterproof, so it can also be placed in a swimming pool or in the sea. We offer a variety of sizes for different workouts, so enjoy!


Specific styles

The color of the mat we want to introduce to you is Tiffany blue, so if you like this famous and popular color, then choose this one. By the way, it is available in 7 sizes, and the thickness of 0.2m will keep you from getting hurt while exercising.


Where to buy

Hurry up and buy an air track mat from Kameymall.


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