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Get A Red Air Track Mat

Jul, 20, 2022

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In recent years, home exercise has become a very fashionable topic in the world. Home sports tools are also very popular naturally.


Inflatable air track mat has become increasingly popular in recent years. It replaces the traditional rubber mat, which is a new type of sports product. The material is environmentally friendly, double-coated, waterproof, airtight, and odorless. It is suitable for use on the ground and in water.

6ft wide air track

Durable handle

The gymnastics training mat is designed with a soft and durable handle, which is easy to transport and does not affect the folding storage. Equipped with a professional electric pump, the gymnastics airway can be inflated or deflated in less than 1 minute. The valve has an excellent leak-proof feature that allows the air track mat to maintain its pressure for several days. Note: Make sure the valve is closed after inflation.


Wide range of use

1. Set up in your living room, backyard, beach, or anywhere, indoors or out.
2. Easy to carry from the gym to the gym. air track mat is lightweight and compact, and can be easily installed in the back seat of your car.
3. Inflate and deflate in less than a minute.
4. You can set the pressure to anything between hard and soft.
5. Compared with traditional training equipment, martial arts, and fitness, jumping can be repeated more frequently and there is less chance of injury from overuse.
6. Recommended for gymnastics/recreational gym/preschool gymnastics/cheerleading/free running/martial arts/senior gym/fitness ...... And so on!


Made from the highest quality materials and has passed all US safety and toxicity standards. You can be sure that even though we are cheaper, you will get a top-notch tumbling mat. Made of commercial grade drop-stitched 1000 denier double-layer fabric, the product is durable and safe for commercial and home applications.


Specific styles

If you are a huge fan of red, then you must check out this mat. It comes in a very rare red color on the market and is offered in 7 sizes. So no matter what size mat you need, this one meets your requirements, go check it out, you won't regret it.


Where to buy

Hurry up and buy an air track mat from Kameymall.

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