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The History Of Zorbing And Its Variants

Aug, 08, 2022

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Zorbing is a very risky sport where participants roll inside a zorb ball. It is usually practiced on a slope or hill, but it can also take place on the water.

History of zorbing

The main purpose of this extreme sport is to be an adventure and recreational activity that anyone of any age can take part in. Participants are pulled inside an inflatable giant human hamster ball. The zorb ball can be placed on the hill and allowed to roll down. Participants can compete with each others by trying to get to the finish line as quickly as possible.


First zorb ball

The history of zorbing dates back to the invention of the hamster ball in the 1970s. These balls are traditionally made for small rodent pets. The first zorb ball was invented in the 1980s and there were two chairs inside it, but eventually the idea of placing chairs inside it is forbidden.


The actual movement of zorbing developed around the mid-1990s. The new idea was developed by David Akers and Andrew Akers in New Zealand. The sport was immediately widely popularized. In 1991, Jackie Chan’s film Armor of the Gods II: Operation Condor featured a stunt scene using zorb balls. Zorb ball has quickly become the most demanding sport in the world of adventurers.


There are also some variants from zorbing. First one is called water zorbing, and someone called it hydro zorbing, too. Participants will sail within the zorb ball and sail up a hill with a little water inside the ball. You may also hear blister zorbing. Participants are placed inside a zorb ball and attempt to cross the finish line on the water. While, one of the most popular variants is definitely the zorb football or what we called bubble football. This is a team sport where players are stacked inside a zorb ball that covers their upper body. Players must place the football inside the opposing team’s goal post.


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