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good gymnastics air track for you

Buy A Good Air Track Mat

Jul, 06, 2022

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Are you a budding gymnast? Do you enjoy doing yoga in your spare time? Are you a big fan of meditation? If the answer is yes, you would know that grassy backyard or cement ground could hurt your body, then you definitely need to buy an air track mat to protect yourself.

The good air track mat can help you keep pursuing your dream and protect your body at the same time. Now let's find out more details about the air track mat. There are many options available on the market, but they are quite different from different perspectives.

huge air track

What exactly is an air track mat?

Air track mats are inflatable, it looks like long, narrow rectangles. About the size, the narrowest mats are about three feet wide but can be up to twenty feet long. These mats provide a springy surface that is more versatile than other tumbling mats or trampolines. It means that you won't hurt your body when doing practice. In addition, the air inside can be squeezed out if you don't need to use it, which can save room in your house. That's quite convenient, isn't it?


What to consider before buying an air track mat?

There are different sizes, thicknesses, and features of an air track mat, let's have a look at them before buying one.



Though most air track mats are about 3 feet wide, you can also find some that are wider (e.g. 5 feet wide). Additionally, length is flexible, you can find various lengths from 6 feet up to 20 feet. You can choose the size according to where you are gonna use the mat.



Most inflatable mats are 4 inches thick, which can protect our bodies in a way. However, you can find products that are 6, 8 even 12 inches thick for increased protection if you are a beginner and want to guarantee your safety. However, noted that it won’t be the best option for toddle at that thickness.


Specific styles

This air track pad that I want to tell you about today is very long. It measures 5x1.5x0.2m. You can even run on it! It also has a very classic blue and white and pink. If you like these two colors. Hurry up and check it out.


Where to buy it

Now I assume that you really want to buy one air track mat. If you don’t know where to buy it, Let me tell you! There is a website called Kameymall, which has lots of air track mats! Go and check now!

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