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Buy Inexpensive Air Tracks Mat

Jul, 06, 2022

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Today we will talk about how to choose a air track mat for beginners.
Medium thickness air track mats can be used when you become advanced from beginners! However, it is said that there are some very high-end air track masters are not used air track mats, so the choice of the thickness of the air track mat, or depends on their own air track practice degree. Buy an inexpensive air track mat!

Another thing to note is that there is some 15mm thickness of the air track mat, this thickness of the mat is not suitable for gymnastic activities, most of them are actually businessmen to label the fitness mat into the air track mat to promote.

cheap 3m air track

Light and heavy moderate. Because the air track mat in many cases we need to carry with us, so try not to choose too heavy mats to carry around.
On the non-slip mat surface, the mat is flat to the palm of your hand to press the mat hard and then push forward, if the mat slides on the ground or your hand slides on the mat surface, it means that the mat is not very good non-slip. It is possible to produce unnecessary injuries in the practice process, such mats should be used with caution.


This is very understandable, many of the air track are lying on the mat to complete the action. Some asanas will let the tip of the nose, chin, or forehead in direct contact with the mat, plus air track asana is very focused on breathing, the odor is not environmentally friendly mats, regardless of whether the smell you can accept, the gymnast's body is not good. The gymnast is to detoxify, not to drug gas.

Finally, a word about the air track mat on the body position line. Posture lines do provide us with a lot of conveniences. It's easier to determine if you are balanced, in a straight line, how much of an angle, etc. But the Yoga School of Business unilaterally does not recommend the use of posture lines, which can create laziness and dependence on our judgment. Of course, there are different opinions about posture lines, and this is just a personal recommendation from Yoga School.

The color of this mat that I want to explain to you is very special, it is a bright yellow oh. If you're a fan of yellow Chinese, check this one out! By the way, the size of this mat is 5x2x0.2m, very enough thickness will surely keep you safe.



You can go to Kameymall to buy some mats!


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