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splendid gymnastics air track for parents

Pick Some Splendid Air Track Mats

Jul, 09, 2022

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If you want to exercise at home and thus achieve a healthy body, then you should definitely read today's article.


Gymnastics is suitable for all kinds of people, and there are many kinds of air track mats for accompanying practice, but what is the material of a splendid air track mat? Environmental protection air track mats use natural latex, natural rubber, and other natural materials, air track mats should be soft and flexible, there are several common TPE, PVC, EVA, and natural rubber.


The surface of the air track mat is evenly granulated, full of bubbles, soft to the touch, non-toxic and odorless, non-slip, with strong rebound ability and strong tear resistance, ideal for gymnastic practitioners. In addition, the air track mat is effective in blocking cold air from the ground, has a strong grip, outstanding resilience, good flatness, strong anti-slip properties, and a strong affinity with human skin.



Nowadays, gymnasiums almost always provide public air track mats for practitioners, who can practice directly, which is a very hassle-free thing, but I wonder how many strangers' sweat and skin flakes are left on them when the same group of practitioners were bare-handed and barefooted in the old days. Was the gymnasium cleaned well? It's strange and uncomfortable to share a kata mat with lots of people, like lying on someone else's turf. If you choose a suitable and satisfactory gymnastics mat, it's actually quite easy. And you can also do some other fitness exercises on it, suitable for children's play mats and wilderness camping mats.


Fabric mats
Sometimes we see people using a brightly colored, Arabian flying carpet-like gymnastics mat in their gymnastics classes, which is said to be a type of cloth mat used in Indian gymnastics. This cloth mat is imported from India, hand-dyed, and can be used on top of a normal plastic air track mat. The reason for this is that the plastic air track mats are not conducive to skin contact and the cloth mats are also softer and can be carried around for isolation when using public air track mats.


Specific styles
The main colors of this air track mat that I would like to introduce to you today are tiffany blue and black. If you don't like the color, you can even customize it to your own color. It measures 3x0.4x0.1m and is perfect for movement as a person. You can take it home for only $135.60.


You can go to Kameymall to buy some mats!

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