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Pick Some Super Splendid Air Track Mats

Jul, 09, 2022

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Do you know which is the best choice for beginners when faced with different mats?Let's take a look at the super splendid air track mat.



TPE pads are the most environmentally friendly. These are the most premium air mat products, chlorine-free, metal-free, anti-static, and about 1200 grams per mat, which is about 300 grams lighter than PVC foam mats and more suitable for carrying out. This material can be placed more firmly on any floor. Compared to air track mats made of PVC, they are about 300 grams lighter and easier to carry. Lightweight, easy to carry, easy to clean, non-slip in both wet and dry conditions, and the mats are odorless if the TPE material is pure. Most PVC foam floor mats still have some smell because of the process and cost, and there is no way to remove this. Even if some products do not have a smell, it does not mean that their composition has changed or there are no harmful substances, unless after various tests of export product standards. However, the price of TPE air mattresses is very high.


PVC is inexpensive and good value for money
PVC materials are inexpensive, available everywhere, have a quality guarantee, and are cost-effective.


Specific styles
The style I would like to present to you today is very attractive and attention-grabbing. It comes in a beautiful yellow color. There are four sizes to choose from. If you want to have a very attractive air track mat, then hurry up and check it out. Originally priced at $180.80, it is now only $135.60! Don't hesitate, to go and have a look.


Choose according to the "type of gymnastics" you have learned
If the gymnastics you practice are based on soft training and from time to time you will encounter movements where you sit on a mat, then a thicker, softer air mattress will be more comfortable for you. However, if you practice jumping gymnastics, then you will need to consider choosing a slightly stiffer mat; an air-rail mat that is too soft is rather inconvenient to perform the movements. In fact, the thickness of the air mat or not depends largely on personal preference.


You can go to Kameymall and buy some mats!

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