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What Should We Do Before Exercise

Dec, 23, 2021

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If we don't warm up carefully before exercise, we are likely to get injured during exercise. Kameymall will introduce you to what you should do before sports.

Preparation and warm-up

Wear appropriate clothes. The clothes you wear during exercise will not limit your movement or blood flow. Don't wear too tight clothes, especially at your joints. Try to wear sweat-absorbing clothes, because you will sweat a lot. Sports clothes are easy to find. There are many.
Wear the right shoes. Just because we call them tennis shoes doesn't mean they're great sneakers. Mesh shoes don't squeeze your toes easily on your feet unless they don't fit.
Find the right equipment. If you want to do gymnastics, the air track is essential. If you want to jump rope, the rope with the right length is also necessary.

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Hydrate. Drink plenty of water before exercise. Your body needs water to help your muscles work and to help you shed sweat. If you wait until you're dehydrated, I think you'll feel bad.
Do warm-up exercises. Although researchers are not sure whether they agree that warm-up exercises will help you perform better, they all agree that warm-up certainly won't hurt themselves. You can't do strong exercise before warm-up exercise. You can exercise for 5 - 10 minutes. If you plan to run, jog. If you want to swim, swim slowly.
You can have a regular physical examination. Talk to your doctor about starting exercise before checking. Healthy physical condition exercise should make you feel healthy and good, and will not hurt yourself!

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