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How Parkour Training Can Save Your Life (Chapter 2)

Dec, 23, 2021

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This article will take over the content of the previous article and focus on introducing what you will get in parkour.


Inner zen

Parkour is more than just jumping on one building and then another. It can make you aware of the surrounding environment, and by observing the environment from a distance, you will have a better understanding of how things work. You need a clear mind to jump to the highest point. This will be the basic element for you to find a balance between yourself and your surroundings.

Being able to breathe a few times before an activity will make you concentrate, which is very important in parkour training. People with anxiety can benefit from parkour training because it will allow you to transfer all your negative thoughts to successful parkour practice.


Fight or flight
How much power or energy do you need to reach an ideal destination? Just like parkour, it requires precise psychological calculations before deciding to take a leap, because there is no soft air track on the ground. Suppose you are forced to a corner in a dark alley by two people when you go home, you will immediately think of the route and way to stay away from them. Parkour training can also be a form of self-defense, which exercises your thinking logic.

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Adrenaline rush
It is said that parkour is an adrenaline addict, but parkour training can also help you channel adrenaline and use it properly. For example, if you wake up suddenly because your house is burning, your instinct is to jump to the nearest exit. Because you are well-trained, you don't have to worry or suspect that you will get hurt if you jump.

Parkour has become very popular in TV and movies, but is it right for you? Although parkour may be tempting at first, you must remember that proper training is essential to avoid injury. So if parkour training sounds like a skill you want to add to your collection. Before trying any of these actions, please buy some protective gear, and Kameymall is a good choice.

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