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Maintenance Of Safety Shoes

Jan, 14, 2022

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The maintenance of safety shoes in summer should start from peacetime. The vast majority of safety shoes and leather shoes have a certain waterproof function. However, if you wear it on rainy days, you should first apply shoe polish and spray waterproof fog. It is not necessary to apply a lot of shoe polish. Excess shoe polish can not be absorbed by leather, but also backfire and wet the leather shoes again. How should I maintain it? Kameymall gave you an overview.

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1: For concave-convex parts such as shoe edge or seam, brush off dirt and fine dust with small shoes.
2: Gently brush the whole shoe with a large shoe brush to see if the protruding part of the shoe edge is contaminated with dirt? Loosen the shoelace, and then brush with a small shoe brush to remove the dirt that is not easy to see from the outside.
3: Squeeze a little cleaning oil on the cloth and coat the whole shoe. At this time, the most important thing is to thoroughly clean the old shoe polish left on the shoes. Coat the whole shoe with a little shoe polish. The amount of shoe polish is about the size of your little finger. After coating the whole shoe, polish the whole shoe with a clean soft cloth. Details should not be careless.
4: Finally, spray waterproof fog. Waterproof fog can not only prevent the invasion of water but also have the effect of not easy to be contaminated with dirt. After the waterproof fog is dry, put the shoe last into the shoe.
5: There is to avoid insolation of shoes, especially leather shoes, which are easy to deform.

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