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The Development History Of Zorbing

Dec, 15, 2021

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Have you heard the unknown and strange word “Zorbing” or “zorb ball” in recent years? What is this unknown thing? Why can it come into people's lives?

Zorbing-a new extreme sport. Basically, it needs to overcome some paths inside transparent spheres. In simple terms, a person gets inside a two-layer transparent sphere and performs arbitrary movements on different surfaces.

giant inflatable ball for humans

The history of zorb

It was invented in 1973 by the Frenchman Gilles Zorb Ebersolt. The name of his invention could be translated from French as "based on inflatable balloons." (Provide support for passengers). However, these invention is not popular at that time. Sometime later, more precisely in 1994, two New Zealanders Dwayne van der Slyuys and Andrew Ekers advanced vypumtili equipment went into production, don’t forget to give you the laurels of the pioneers of the new attraction. But in 2002, the International Court recognized the authorship of the Ebersol. But the design and improvement of zorb are kiwis’ deeds.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, zorbing has appeared in a large number of popular internet videos and on TV shows. They're starting to become a sort of pop culture phenomenon. And more and more people are exposed to them through social media and some other means, the more popular they're becoming. And as a product offered by a rental business, each inflatable ball you lease out may bring huge profits.


The phenomenon of zorbing
This phenomenon of zorbing is expected to continue for a long time in the future. A very fun outdoor activity that can be played on grass or in a pool. These games don't come along all too often. If you have enough experience in the event rental space to know how to get good use out of them, investing in zorb balls is a very reasonable business decision.


Buy a zorb ball
If you are planning to purchase a zorb ball, browse through Kameymall and get ready for everything you like. We provide various zorb balls to meet different customer needs. Hope you will have a nice shopping experience here.

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