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Suggestions for Using A Zorb Ball

Dec, 20, 2021

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Zorb ball originated in New Zealand in the late 1990s and has become popular in many countries today. The zorb ball is a huge transparent sphere made of high molecular polymer PVC. This ball can be divided into inner and outer layers, and the middle of the two layers is full of gas.

How to get inside the ball? It is very easy, the user enters the inner ball through a tunnel-like tube. Some balls have one entrance, and some have two. One or two inlets can be sealed with a "doughnut", which is an additional aeration device that can block the inlet tube.

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The suggestions for zorb ball use

Take off your shoes or wear special shoe covers, and do not carry sharp and hard objects to play with to avoid piercing the product by sharp and hard objects during use.

Before use, the tightness of the product should be checked. If any problem is found, it should be stopped and can be used again after the problem is solved.

Zorb ball is equipped with special glue and materials for repair. When there is damage below 3cm, the user can repair it by himself. More than 3cm shall be returned to the supplier for repair.

When inflating the airbag of the zorb ball, the pressure is moderate and should not be too full. In this way, it can effectively avoid bursting caused by overfull inflation and ensure that the product is used with proper pressure.

In case of the large temperature difference between morning (evening) and noon, pay attention to observation and timely deflate or inflate air to avoid excessive air pressure damaging the product.


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