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Recreational And Mass Soports

Dec, 16, 2021

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Following the content of the previous article, Kameymall will continue to introduce sports to you.


Recreational sports

It refers to a kind of sports activity for the purpose of entertaining the body and mind in leisure time or a specific time. It has the characteristics of amateur, recreation, and entertainment. The content generally includes ball games, active games, tourism, chess, and traditional national sports activities. According to the organization mode of activities, they can be divided into individual, family, and collective; According activity conditions, it can be divided into indoor and outdoor; According to competition, it can be divided into competitive and non-competitive; According to the mode of operation, it can be divided into commercial and non-commercial; According to the way of participating in activities, it can be divided into ornamental activities and sports activities. Carrying out recreational sports activities is beneficial to physical and mental health, cultivating sentiment, and cultivating noble character.

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Mass sports
Also known as "social sports" and "mass sports". It is the general name of sports activities widely carried out in society in order to entertain body and mind, enhance physique, prevent diseases, and cultivate sports reserve talents. Including staff sports, farmers' sports, community sports, sports for the elderly, women's sports, sports for the disabled, etc. The main forms include exercise groups, sports teams, counseling stations, sports homes, sports centers, sports clubs, chess clubs, and personal free physical exercise. To carry out mass sports activities, we should follow the principles of people, place, time, and conditions, amateur, voluntary, small, diverse, and civilized. Extensive mass sports activities are an important way to give full play to the social function of sports, improve national quality, and complete sports tasks.
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