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Methods Of Promoting Sports

Dec, 16, 2021

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Habits and abilities

The cultivation of sports habits and abilities should also start with dolls. Human instinct is the least, and almost all survival ability and behavior habits should be formed the day after tomorrow, especially in the early stage of growth.


The role of parents
First of all, we should straighten out the relationship between children's intellectual development and physical development, that is, but physical development first. This one is actually not easy to do. The current social atmosphere is the competition for further education, and the core of the competition is to assess intelligence. In addition, parents often think that intelligence needs to work hard, and the body only needs to give enough nutrition to grow naturally. Therefore, cultivating children's sports habits has become a "blind spot". Any parents know that they should treat their children first when they get sick. Why can't they pay attention to physical health and exercise before they get sick? But we should pay attention to the safety issue when our children do exercise, so you must own one air track, it can protect your children from hurting when sports.

airtrack devices

Practice and insist on more outdoor activities
Don't keep your children at home, especially in preschool. On the contrary, we should take more children to participate in outdoor activities. Go to the park, outing, stroll, play games, skateboard, ride a baby bike, etc. In this way, children can develop the habit of moving from an early age, so as to maintain the nature of sports.

Combine sports with entertainment and participate
Sports itself contains endless fun. What causes fun? Change, unknown, victory, success, exploration, etc. can all cause fun. These factors can be found almost in sports. Even some seemingly boring sports can develop interest, such as running. We all go running. In the process of running, we can stimulate interest with the continuous improvement of performance: for example, how much time did someone run 1000 meters yesterday and how much it has improved today; Last semester, the vital capacity was 1000, this time it increased to 1200.
The fourth is to combine cultivation habits with ability. Cultivating habits is to urges children to do it every day. After a long time, it will gradually become a habit; But ability contains skills, which must be taught and studied carefully, and practiced repeatedly. Cultivating ability itself also contains great fun. Cycling, swimming, skating, roller skating... Never arrive at the meeting. The process is full of exploration and perception, so it is fun; Only by combining habit cultivation with ability cultivation can sports show infinite charm and practical value.

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