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Competitive Sports And Air Track

Dec, 16, 2021

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In the next few articles, Kameymall will introduce you to sports and some sports.
The broad concept of sports refers to a conscious and organized social activity with physical exercise as the basic means to enhance people's physique, promote people's all-around development, enrich social and cultural life and promote spiritual civilization. It is a part of the general culture of society.
The narrow concept of Physical Education (also known as physical education). It is an educational process of developing the body, strengthening the physique, imparting the knowledge and skills of physical exercise, and cultivating morality and will quality; It is the process of cultivating and shaping the human body; It is an important aspect of cultivating people with all-round development.

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Competitive sports

Also known as "competitive sports". It refers to scientific and systematic training and competition in order to defeat opponents, achieve excellent sports results, and maximize and improve individual and collective potential in physical, physical, psychological, and sports ability. It includes two forms: sports training and sports competition. The characteristics are as follows: 1) fully mobilize and give full play to the potential of athletes in physical strength, intelligence, and psychology; 2) Intense antagonism and competition; 3) Participants have the abundant physical strength and superb skills; 4) According to the unified rules, the competition is international and the results are recognized; 5) Entertainment. The competitive sports carried out in today's world are the product of social history. As far back as the ancient Greek era of more than 700 BC, there were racing, throwing, wrestling, and other events, and hundreds of them have developed so far. The popular events include track and field, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, badminton, weightlifting, swimming, cycling, etc. Countries and regions also have their own special national traditional projects, such as Chinese martial arts, rattan ball, and kabaddi in Southeast Asia.

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