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The Air Track Mat Can Work Wonders

Mar, 03, 2022

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In many people’s view, the air track mat is frequently seen just in traditional sport class, especially for the practice of rolling, shoulder shaking and other techniques skills. With the advancement and development of new class standard, it is imperative to update our mind and rebuild our mentality from the traditional one into the new one. Many coaches and teachers have exploited the class resources so as to leverage the potential of the air track mat. By doing so, we hope that its competitive edge can be spurred and the quality of teaching can be uplifted and also students’ health can be improved.

Mini Air Track Mat
Air track mats spur student’ interest

Students are required to spread two or three air track mats to form a defined circle, and then they can run around the circle. This way, which requires students’ self participation can not only spur their interest in running, but also practice and strengthen their endurance of running. What’s more, students can design the routine of running by themselves based on their preference. And the whole process reflects that students’ interests can be leveraged in a vivid and incisive way.

Air track mats as the signal of teaching
Air track mat can be seen as a useful assistance of PE teaching, because it can also be used to make a obstacle during training. Teachers can fold the air track mat and then ask student to jump through it so as to strengthen their ability of jumping which is crucial for teenagers’ bones. During this process, the height is a common challenge which can be helpful for building students’ confidence and creating a happy and active atmosphere.

Air track mat innovates teaching methods
Because the air track mat is safe to use, and it can be folded and moved easily, we can innovate the teaching methods so as to leverage the potential and functions of the air track mat. For example, the air track mats can be folded as a tunnel which can contain, at least, a children. And then, the children are required to crawl through the tunnel, the first, the winner. During this game, team work matters. And students can understand the importance of cooperation.

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