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What Are The Properties Of Zorb Ball

Apr, 30, 2022

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Zorb ball is a famous sport that originated from New Zealand. How to use the ball? It is very easy, players are asked to enter a transparent ball that rolls down a fairly gentle, sloping surface. This transparent sphere sometimes called a space sphere, which consists of two spheres of different sizes, an inner sphere and an outer sphere. The area between the two spheres is hollow and filled with air, which absorbs shock and protects the user from injury during this bumpy riding.


Several properties of the zorb ball:

1-There are diverse sizes of zorb balls for users to choose, different sizes are designed for different weights and heights. In general, a zorb ball allows one ~two persons to enter at the same time.
2-The properties of being inflatable and deflectable make it very special. When the games is not being played, you can deflate and keep it safe.
3-The zorb ball is made PVC or DWF, this material is very sturdy so zorb ball is water-proof and wear-resistant.


Zorb ball can float on the water
You can play this water zorb even if you can’t swim. Before rolling, the staff will pour one or two barrels of water into the ball, with a water depth of about 70 cm. When the ball rolls, the user floats on the water and rolls with the ball. The oxygen inside this ball can help you keep breath for 10~15 minutes.


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