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Flipping On Your Air Track Mat!

Mar, 14, 2022

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If your child is happy, you may wonder if you need to consider aerial somersaults. My son did cheerleading for a while when he was younger, and my daughter competed in gymnastics. Both require you to practice regularly at home, which is always a challenge. I want a safe place for them to practice, padded and comfortable to use such as an air track mat.

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Air track flip tips  

If you've ever considered an air track somersault, you know that an air track is an inflatable gymnastic device that has the best of a trampoline, bouncy castle, spring floor and gymnastic mat all rolled into one. If you plan to use an air cushion for tumbling and cheering, here are some suggestions. Air track dimension: Obviously, you want an air track that works for you. But make sure it's not too close to the wall or furniture. If your child falls, you don't want them to get hurt because you didn't leave enough space on the edge of the mat. Air track color: Although color is not important to the function of the air track, your child may want to choose colors based on the colors of their team. Most air track pads come in a variety of colors and sizes. Air track size thickness: The air track pressure will depend on your experience and what you need it for. Choose a 20-30cm mat with low pressure, which allows you to take off more easily, jump higher, land softer and have less impact. Choosing the same high pressure pad will give you more stability and bounce back.  When using thinner air track pads (10-20 cm), you need stability, faster bounce, and higher pressure to avoid hitting bottom. Home edition: For casual non-handstands or beginners, an aerotrack Home edition with the Pro version should be perfect. As long as the air cushion is big enough and thick enough, it's a great starter pad for your child.  

Air track beam  

If you are looking for an air track beam, you will want to get an air track with a longer length in the midline. The air beam is handy for those who are doing gymnastics instead of cheerleading. If you are looking for an inflatable tumble track to take home, I hope you will consider these suggestions when making your choice. Finally, you need to consider age, experience and size when choosing an air cushion track. Know more inforamtion on Kameymall if you want pretty air tracks!

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