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Home news Product Mini Air Track Mats For Leapfrog Training (Part 1)
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Mini Air Track Mats For Leapfrog Training (Part 1)

Jun, 20, 2022

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At present, some schools have a shortage of PE equipment, which to some extent affects the normal teaching and learning. To change this situation, it is important to develop the multiple values of the existing PE equipment and to achieve multiple uses for one item. Therefore, teachers need to use a small number of small gymnastic mats to devise as many effective training methods as possible to improve the quality and physical skills of the children.

In the next two articles, I am going to share with you a teacher's excellent design for how to use the air track mats to create an excellent and effective method of leapfrog training.

air track mat
One mat per person

In the introductory part of the lesson, the teacher uses the mats for the "rainbow painting" exercises of sitting (sitting on the mat and swinging the legs in sequence), standing (using the inverted "V" shaped mat as an obstacle to experience the swinging of the legs) and Rainbow in the air (jumping and swinging over the mat using the inverted "V" shaped mat).

After the teacher has explained and demonstrated the technical aspects of the high jump, the students perform the previous step of crossing the gymnastic mat (1 student on 1 inverted "V" shaped mat).

The synchronised practice of the students reduces the difficulty of the exercise and makes the students willing to learn and practise, but also increases the opportunities for students to learn and practise, solves the problem of waiting for practice due to grouping and increases the density of practice.

Two mats for two

In order to help students to cross the gymnastic mat successfully during jogging, the teacher asks students to place 2 small gymnastic mats together in the shape of an inverted "V", put a bar on top of the 2 small mats and have 2 students in a group to try out the high jump. This design not only solves the problem of students missing the bar due to their inaccurate choice of jumping point when they first learn to jump. Moreover, the small grouping of 2 students in a group allows for a guaranteed number of practice sessions as there is no waiting time for practice.


We will continue to share the remaining lesson plans in our next article, so if you are interested, please continue reading our next article. Finally, we would like to recommend a reliable air track online shop, Kameymall.

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