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Interesting And Helpful Zorbing Activities

Jun, 20, 2022

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Before this update of news, we have already posted two articles describing the new zorb ball playings which are extremely hot from customer’s feedback. Today, we are going to give you the last two parts of new zorbing activites recommendation. Please read on.

Bubble ball ninja crawl  

This zorb ball game is a little bit like jumping jump.  All the bubbles are arranged in two rows on the ground, adjacent to each other.  Two players climb on top of the inflatable ball and try to get through their lines.  You have to try to climb without rolling off the bubble ball and finish first to be the winner.  The game looks complicated but is definitely fun and competitive.  

zorb ball

Bubbles collide with old school   

This is a competitive game where all participants catch a small soft ball in their bubble ball.  In this game, we have a booster that will throw the ball up in the air for all the players to catch.  Since the player's hands are trapped in the bubble suit, they must catch the ball through an opening in the top of their head.  However, other players won't watch you catch the sticky ball so easily.  When you try to catch the ball, you must be careful not to be knocked down by other players.  The first person to catch a slimy ball without getting hit is the winner.  



From the above games we can say that bumper ball is a great form of team-building play and can be a perfect complement to corporate activities and events. Once you've tried a bubble ball game, you'll love this giant bubble suit. Get in touch with Kameymall Inflatable to customize your own inflatable bumper balls wholesale for different teams.



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