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Wear Safety Shoes In The Lab

Apr, 27, 2022

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Laboratories are important places for experimental teaching and scientific research. In response to the continuous occurrence of hazardous chemical accidents in recent years, the safety hazards that exist in laboratories (or analysis rooms, laboratories) necessitate the strengthening of laboratory safety and labour protection management measures. For the staff in the laboratory, they need to wear anti-static and acid and alkali resistant safety shoes for their safety.

Where can I buy these two types of safety shoes? Welcome to Kameymall, so let's take a closer look at why you need these shoes in your laboratory.

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Laboratories generally require sterile and dust-free experiments, and staff wearing anti-static safety shoes can reduce the concentration of suspended particles in the air, control contaminants and reduce electrostatic hazards. Because anti-static safety shoes is the use of anti-static and conductive soles, in the flammable and explosive work environment and the requirements of clean and dust-free sterile workshop to reduce and eliminate electrostatic hazards and wear safety shoes.

Laboratories are generally stacked with strong acid and alkali liquids, and some staff need to use these chemical agents when conducting chemical experiments, so they wear acid and alkali resistant safety shoes to reduce the damage caused by chemical agents splashing on their feet. Because acid and alkali resistant safety shoes have acid and alkali resistant properties, they are used to protect the feet in acid and alkali, corrosive working environments and are safety shoes to prevent injury from acid and alkali chemicals.

To ensure that the laboratory is clean and tidy, experimental products are not affected by pollutants, laboratory staff wearing anti-static safety shoes can effectively control laboratory pollution dust particles to maintain clean, reduce the role of electrostatic adsorption caused by experimental products suffer different degrees of damage, and can also greatly reduce or reduce the human body walking itself on the laboratory clean work area pollution.

At the same time, laboratory staff wearing acid and alkali resistant safety shoes, can reduce the risk of accidental spraying or spilling of chemical agents on the surface of the feet during experiments, to ensure the personal safety of laboratory staff.


Even if you are a student, a pair of men's safety shoes or safety shoes for women is necessary when you go into the laboratory.

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