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Human Hair Wigs Knowledge Ultimate Supplement

Apr, 27, 2022

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Most people don't know much about human hair wigs. The first thing most people think about wigs is the cheap, easy-to-wear products that can be found in stores, shops and even street stalls.  

In fact, this type of wig is at the lowest end of the spectrum, not in the same league as high-end, custom-made, handmade wigs.  

Different features of human hair wigs kinds

The kinds of human hair wigs have a lot of, cent sends block, head cover, hair shade to wait.  

  1. The hair piece  

Toupee, the most common type of wig, covers part of the hair and is used by balding patients. It can be customized for each person with different bald spots.  

  1. Net  

Women's hair caps are more common and can be used for aesthetic purposes. Of course, they are also suitable for bald patients caused by baldness or chemotherapy.  

  1. The hair shade  

Hair curtain, bangs are more common hair curtain.  The size of hair curtain is small, which is basically suitable for the crowd with a high hairline on the forehead, and it is also a choice for women's beautiful appearance.  

human hair wigs

Different wigs characteristics 

The three types of wigs have different characteristics. The hair curtain is the easiest to make with the least material, but it can look very fake and unnatural, while the headpiece is the most natural, but it is also more complicated to make than the hair block and hair curtain.  

Hair blocks, by contrast, have the best of both worlds. They are easier to make and as natural as a headband, making them the first choice for hair loss sufferers. Fetch more information about wig protection and maintenance, please go to Kameymall. There are many types of wigs for your slection with reasonable prices. You should not miss it!

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