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Have You Ever Worn A Natural Human Hair Wig?

Jan, 13, 2023

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Wigs are becoming more and more popular today. Depending on the different materials of the wig, we can classify wigs into chemical fibre wigs and human hair wigs. In general, synthetic wigs are cheaper, but they are of poorer quality, less durable and less realistic. On the other hand, human hair wigs (full lace wigs) are expensive, high quality, durable and realistic.

Also, human hair wigs are more popular as they can be permed and dyed just like our real hair. If you want to change your hairstyle without damaging your own hair, human hair wig is a perfect choice for you.

As people's living standards improve, human hair wigs are becoming the common choices of people. Of course, whether you have been ever worn wig or not, today, follow us and know more about human hair wigs.

full lace human wig

Why we recommend the human hair wig for you

(1)Can be dyed, cut and heated
Synthetic wigs are made of synthetic fibers, such as the polyester. And they don't look as natural as human hair wigs. Thus, synthetic wigs can't be dyed, cut and heated. In general, synthetic wigs can be worn for hiding thin hair or hair loss, if you want to make beautiful hairstyles, synthetic wigs are not the best choices. Thus, they much cheaper than human hair wigs.

(2)Made of real human hair
Human hair wig is made of 100% real human hair, thus it looks more realistic as our own hair. In addition, human hair wig is very lightweight, it is breathable to wear even in summer. It will not make your scalp is sore and itchy even if you keep wearing it for a whole day. If you want to get a more natural appearance, curly lace front wigs are perfect choices for you.

(3)Natural headline
The most standing feature of a full lace wig is that it will provide a naturally curvy hair, while one of the greatest benefits of human wigs is that they provide a more natural look to your hairline. Because each hair is tied to the lace cap, it looks like it is growing out of your scalp. When you put on the wig, it is easy for you to get a natural look if you wear the wig correctly.

(4)Various lengths for you to choose from
Wigs generally come in various sizes and types, they are 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches and 16 inches. Of course, look at the following picture, 14-inch long wig like this. If you want to know more details of this wig. Check the description carefully to know more information before buying a human hair wig that suits you.

(5)Can be used for a longer time
In general, a human hair wig (wig for sale online) can be used for more than one year if you care for it in a proper way. After all, it will cost you several hundred dollars. If you want to know more about tips for washing wigs, log in YouTube and look for right washing tips.

How to choose a proper wig for yourself?

(1)Measuring your head size is necessary
Wearing a unfit wig will make you uncomfortable all day long, so it is necessary for you to measure the head size before choosing a wig. The head size is the only standard to buy human hair wigs from various types and sizes.

Only in this way can we choose the most suitable wig for our head and tail. Measure the size of the circumference from the neck to the hairline. This step is will not be a hard task for you, just you have a tape measure.

(2)Compare different sizes
As it mentioned above, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches and 16 inches. And you can compare the size range, which can enable you to choose the most suitable size of your wig. Therefore, it is necessary for you to measure your head circumference before buying suitable cheap wigs for sale. After all, returning goods is very troublesome.

How to choose the style and color of hair wig?

Pink color will make you look like as an idol and black color can make you more professional which will be conducive for people in different business environment or formal conference. Mentioning the styles, the curly wigs will be helpful for people to look more sexy and stunning. Therefore, determining the colors and styles you need to choose before purchasing one wig.

Light and bright color can ensure you to be more active and energetic. Because of this fact, choosing the right wig color is a challenge for some people. For example, if you are looking for a wonderful wig, it is conducive and crucial for you to consider the color and design. Choose various colors by determining your own skin color.

How do you wear your wig in a right way?

(1)Use hair clips to fix your wig
You can choose to use hair clips and then fix your wig to your own hair for not falling off easily if you are still worried about the slipping off of your wig. Before you leave your home, testing the wig you're wearing unless you're sure it won't fall off. Introduction can teach you how to wear your wigs in a correct way
Use the adjustable straps.

(2)Adjustable straps
General speaking, human hair wigs contains adjustable straps, if you think it is a bit loose or tight for you, please adjust it to a more comfortable feeling. Our glueless lace wigs will not let you down. If you want to know how to adjustable the straps, log in the YouTube and search relative videos to learn to wear it correctly.

H4: Four simple steps for caring for your wig
Be sure to use a wig special steel comb to comb your wig. Why can't wigs use ordinary combs? Because wigs are prone to static electricity. Ordinary wooden combs, especially plastic combs, are easy to generate static electricity during combing. If you often use ordinary combs to comb the wig, it will quickly become frizzy and then knotted.

However, the wig special steel comb is made of static-free steel. It is smooth and electroless, and is the best essential kit for wigs. I suggest you keep one on hand to make your beloved human hair wigs last longer!

The usual use of care solution will make the wig more soft and smooth. Care solution is also called nutrients, if you does not use nutrients to care of the wig, it will be dry after a few times using. Only by our usual spray care solution for care, wigs can be used for a long time.

Wig using many times must be cleaned, because the wearing process will produce dust, and the oil resulting from human skin. You can add your usual shampoo to warm water, and then put the wig into the soak for about 10 minutes, gently clean, then wash with water.

(4)Extra care
If you want your human hair wigs to be more smooth and light, you can follow me for more information. A round comb to clean and handle it smoothly until absorbing 50% humidity of the human hair wigs. At this time, gently blow it with a hair dryer and use the hot but smooth wind to dry it. After that, you can apply a little softener or hair oil on it just like treat your own real hair.

Your wig look more shiny and gorgeous if you care for it in these ways.

Purchase a wig for your family members or friends

Some people suffer hair loss or thin hair because of the healthy problem, pressure and some other factors. They need to wear wigs to hid hair loss or thin hair to beautify their own appearances. Thus, if your friends or family members have suffered these, why not give them a natural and affordable wig?

It is a hard task for you to spend lots of time and energy on blow-drying, styling, and coloring, and your hair will be damaged if you manage it in these ways frequently. Choose a human hair wig that can be dyed and heat, you will have a chance to make new styling without damaging your own natural hair, in addition, you need not go to the barbershop as frequently as before.

Where would you buy the best human hair wig? No worries, we have found the solution for you. Kameymall, a convenient shopping site, which is a perfect choice for you. But if you will not think of the budget, why not buy a wig that looks more natural. After all, in the long run, paying high prices for wigs is a more cost-effective option.

There are diverse braided wigs for sale, whether you want a short or long one, our products will give you a surprise.

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