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Why Not Buy Yourself A Wig?

Jan, 13, 2023

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If you want to have beautiful hair, but you don't want to make it more beautiful by perming or coloring it, then why don't you get yourself a wig? Not only will it make you more beautiful, but it will prevent damage to your own hair.

long straight hair wig

Benefits of wearing a wig

①You can save time by wearing full lace wigs that serve as finishing touch to your appearance, so you can change your hair more easily and conveniently.

②You can avoid perming and coloring your hair so you can avoid causing damage to your hair to the greatest extent possible.

③You can save the cost of having your hair done at a barber store, bleaching and coloring your hair, reducing your expenses.

④You can try different hairstyles and different styles. Wigs can be changed at will to avoid frequent visits to the barber to damage the quality of your hair.

⑤Wigs can make you more confident and you don't have to worry about being bald and having less hair.

How to choose a wig style according to your face shape

Round face

You can choose a wig which will cover your cheeks and visually change the length of your face, making your face look smaller.

Oval face

You can choose four six bangs, or three seven bangs with an overall big wavy wig, which will make your whole face look more vivid.

Square face

Ladies with this face shape must be careful, if you ignore it, wigs will expose your flaws, so try to choose slightly curly lace front wigs, which will make your face look softer. This will make a woman more gentle and feminine.

Heart-shaped face

It is better to choose a more suitable medium length hairstyle. Choose a hairstyle with a wide forehead and a slim chin. As a result, the whole face will be very coordinated.

Triangular face

You can choose according to the proportional relationship between the face shape and the hairstyle, combing the hair above the ears to be fluffy.

Inverted triangle face

Choose a side-parted head seam asymmetrical hairstyle to reveal a full forehead, and the hair tips can be slightly rough and messy.

sexy curly wig
How to choose wig color according to skin tone

Warm white skin

Suitable wig hair color: most colors are suitable, for example: light brown, black. Warm white skin tone is more suitable for matching colors than cool white skin tone. You have more options to choose the hair color. You can try mist yellow, light brown, black, light lime and various popular colors, etc.

Yellow skin

Suitable wig hair colors: maroon, dark brown, black and red. People with yellow skin tone can choose dark brown or black and red when choosing hair color, which will make your skin fairer and beautiful.

Darker skin

Suitable wig hair colors: blonde, light brown or bright colors. Because of the darker skin tone, try to use brighter colors. It is important to note that the best color is light brown.

Wearing a wig precautions

Wearing glueless lace wigs generally does not cause allergies, but those with sensitive constitutions are best not to wear wigs. In addition, the wig will have a certain impact on the skin of the head, originally suffering from dermatitis, eczema and other skin diseases. If you wear a wig, the disease will worsen. You should wait until the skin disease is completely healed before wearing a wig.

In addition, the summer heat, wearing a wig is not conducive to perspiration, so the wearer should choose a good quality human hair wig when choosing a wig, it is best to use a breathable net, wigs should not be worn for a long time.

How to make girls wear natural, beautiful wigs? First of all, they should cover their hair with a headscarf so as not to show their hair, especially bangs. If you use a wig, be careful to have the same color as your real hair and not to show significant color differences.

Usually comb out the dusty hairs from the wig and make sure you clean the wig regularly. After wig cleaning, dry it with a dry towel, then dry it with a hair dryer or put it on a wig stand to dry naturally, which will prolong the life of the wig. In addition, when storing the synthetic lace front wig should be placed on a stand to avoid folding, which can largely avoid wig damage.

Different types of wigs

Divided by materials

Generally speaking, there are two types of raw materials used in the production of wigs: one is real hair and the other is synthetic material. Human hair wigs are easy to understand and are made from human hair, which can be classified as Chinese hair, Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Burmese hair, etc. depending on its source and country.

Real human hair is currently the highest-end wig raw material, because it has the highest degree of realism, can be hot, can be dyed, you can improve the hairstyle at will, the high cost of raw materials, the price is naturally higher. In response to market demand, high-tech companies at home and abroad have developed synthetic materials made of various artificial chemical fiber materials to simulate human hair.

Due to its high simulation hair characteristics coupled with relatively low prices, but gradually become the mainstream of the current wig products.

Divided by wear method

Wig wearing method can be briefly summarized as two: set head wig, hair piece wig. Among them, the head set wig can be divided into several different subcategories according to its specific role, for example: small area coverage wig, improve the hair type wig, full head set wig, etc.

Hair piece hair extensions can also be divided into several subcategories, such as: card hair extensions, glue hair extensions, hair band extensions, clip-on hair extensions, etc.

Divided by production process

For the average consumer, the production process of wigs is relatively complex, this article is only a brief introduction for your reference. There are fully manual production of high simulation full hand weave (high labor cost, high simulation, expensive), full machine weave wig (low labor cost, simulation, cheap price), half manual half mechanism (the principle of combining simulation and price to ensure relatively good simulation to reduce production costs), a variety of exports of lace wigs, different national characteristics of special wigs and so on.

red wig for women
Some questions about wigs

Does wearing a wig mean I can't change my hairstyle?

In fact, wearing a wig may give you more options. Wearing human hair wigS or heat resistant synthetic hair wigs means that you can handle any hairstyle, as these wigs support the use of heat styling products such as curling tongs and straighteners. In addition, you can even blow your own hair dryer if you wish.

Be sure to use a heat spray before using these tools on your hair and do not use heat setting products on synthetic wigs as this will melt the fibers. Wigs are numerous and versatile and can be redesigned by cutting or coloring them, just be sure to take them to your hairdresser.

Or, try something new like a summer top, or even a full ponytail, or a natural looking lace front cap structure.

Can wearing a wig every day damage our skin and reduce the natural growth of our hair?

"Is it bad to wear a wig every day?" This is a question that is often asked on wig websites. The simple answer is, no, if you take good care of your natural hair and scalp, wearing a wig every day will not have a bad effect. Your hair and skin cells will grow whether or not you cover them with a wig or accessories like hats and scarves.

It's important to take good care of your natural hair and scalp at the same time, and there are many ways to do this, including moisturizing and massaging your scalp regularly and maintaining a good shampooing routine.

Wearing a wig cap is a great way to protect the underside of your wig, acting as a barrier between the wig and your hair and making it safer for your natural hair underneath. Braided wigs are another great option, especially for those who don't wear wigs because of hair loss; braided wigs have open braids that let your scalp breathe while you wear them so things don't get too uncomfortable!

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