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Some Basic Information About Zorb Ball

Apr, 07, 2022

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Zorb ball, a transparent and huge PVC transparent ball, it looks like a beautiful bubble from a distance. It consists of an outer sphere with a diameter of more than three meters and an inner sphere with a diameter of more than two meters. The two balls are filled with air, and they are connected by thousands of nylon strings, and people can enter the inner ball through the entrance. Zorb ball is a very nice project, many people will fall in love with it after experiencing the game for the first time.

Different types of zorb ball

In fact, zorb balls are divided into two types, one is harnessed and another is unharnessed. Unharnessed balls can carry up to three people, while harnessed balls are designed for one to two people.


The structure of zorb ball
There is a layer of air between the two balls. It acts like a shock absorber for the rider. The balls are lightweight and made of flexible PVC or DWF. Many balls have harnesses that are used for attached to the rider so they roll with the ball while zorbing.

The diameter of a regular sphere is usually about 1.5m to 2.5m, which is designed for different heights and ages. The inward and external spheres are joined by hundreds and hundreds of little nylon strings. There are one or two entrances on a zorb ball so that the rider can enter it through the tunnel.


Where can you buy a zorb ball
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