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Things You Should Do to Make Your Steel Toe Boots Last Longer

Jan, 10, 2022

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If some factors can damage your steel toe boots sooner than you'd like, there are also ways to make them last longer. So today Kameymall will be bringing some of those useful tips.



When washing your boots, use a soft brush and some mild soapy water when washing or cleaning your boots. Leaving them unclean will cause them to rot quickly as all the dirt and grime get stuck on them.

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Keep dry
Dry wet boots in a well-ventilated area to remove any moisture and prevent fungus from growing in them.


It's a good idea to waterproof your boots as soon as you buy them. This helps keep them young and increases their durability.


Untie your boots carefully
Be careful and correct to unlace your boots after each wearing, rather than pulling them straight off, which can do more damage to them than you realize.


Reduce the use of the same pair of shoes
Try and limit your work boots to work only, rather than still wearing them as casual shoes when going out with friends or family. This will reduce the use of them, which in turn will give your boots some time to rest. If possible, keep switching between two different pairs of work boots, and don't wear one pair too often.


If the soles start to fray, whether they’re safety shoes for women or men, take your boots to a shoemaker for repairs to avoid them falling apart completely.

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