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the zorb ball for bubble soccer

What?Wearing Big Bubble Balls To Play Football!

Jul, 30, 2022

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Do you like the game of football? We all know that the game of football with 11 players on 1 team is a very competitive sport. As a long-standing sport at the Olympics, I really don't need to stress how fun and popular it is. But do you think it would be realistic to play football at a party? Perhaps you would say that football requires too many people and that the sport is too intense.


Well, today I'm here to introduce you to a new way of playing football. I call it a game where you play a little ball dressed as a hitting ball. Look at the picture below, each of them is wearing a giant bubble ball, the zorb ball or the human hamster ball.

What is the human hamster ball

In the picture above, you can see at least five people wearing giant bubble balls. The zorb ball or the human hamster ball is made of reliable PVC or TPU material, so you don't need to worry about your safety as it is resistant to wear and tear and punctures. Put on a bubble ball and you can bump into each other or experience a game of bubble ball together.

What is a foam football

Bubble football is the sport we all need these days. It's like a combination of football, zorbing and bumper ball. Bubble football is played in a similar way to regular football. Players from both teams try to find a football and kick it into the opponents' net, just like normal, except there is no goalkeeper. The problem? All the players are strapped into a huge plastic foam that goes from their bellies to the top of their heads. It looked comical and was fun to play. The game started much like dodgeball. When the whistle blows, the teams rush towards the centre of the field (or stadium) with their bubble legs to gain control of the ball. Hilarity ensues as the bubbles collide with each other, throwing players to the ground, who then struggle unarmed in the bubble, flinging their legs up like flipping turtles. Eventually, the score was tied and a winner emerged. But bubble football is more about the spectacle and fun of the game than anything else.

Calum Marsh, writing about his first bubble football experience in an article for The Guardian, says: "But the sport isn't really the point: the crash is. I sprinted towards my wife and moved for a light check. I give it a tap and she takes off, flying past her feet with an almost audible 'boop' to her foam-protected back. It mixes the playful aggression, surprising impact and light-hearted fun of bumper cars with the overall competitive team goal of football, and we're here for it.

If you want enough to buy the zorb ball

In fact, this game is perfect for all kinds of parties, company reunions etc. If you want some bubble balls for your home or business, I suggest you visit Kameymall as this shop has bubble balls on sale at the moment.

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