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How To Reduce Injury Risk Before Playing A Zorb Ball?

Nov, 17, 2022

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Playing a zorb ball is interesting, isn’t it? Despite that, safety issues are also important. What will you do to protect yourself before zorbing? Doing nothing? No, that is not good. And if you are a supervisor, what will you do to protect yourself and others? Just watching over everything in the playing field? No, that is impossible. You are not a robot. In the following part, we are going to introduce some information to help you  solve safety issues. Let’s start it right now!

Different roles, same responsibility

If you are a supervisor......

For a supervisor, zorbing preparations are very important. There are many details that you need to pay attention to. Tell your players safety tips before zorbing. It is advisable for you to give out some safety handouts as well. In addition, choosing a suitable field for zorbing is equally important. Do not choose busy streets or pavements. Make sure that your players know how to wear their zorb balls. Their balls should cover at least 8 inches above their heads.

What’s more, controlling the amount of players is necessary. Too many participants will cause dangers to them. And remove sharp things which exist in the field in advance. These sharp things are potential risks for the safety of players. They may fall down.

If you are a player......

For a player, there are many details you need to pay attention to as well. Keep in mind that your supervisor tell you how to handle your ball and introduce safety handouts to you before zorbing. If he or she forgets that, put it forward instantly.

Remove anything sharp that you carry with, such as watches and rings. They will rip your ball while zorbing. Do not run or walk too quickly before zorbing, which will cause problems to your health. Do not bump others with the top of your zorb ball although the game is not ready. It is a very dangerous movement, hurting both yourself and others.

Start to play zorbing now

Now you have known a lot of things about zorbing, why not start it right now? Before that, remember to prepare a quality zorb ball for yourself. Come to Kameymall where you will find lots of quality zorb balls.


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