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How To Prolong The Life Of Zorb Balls

Jun, 16, 2022

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There are 3 main principals to take care of your zorb ball. Maintenance, Operation and Storage of your zorb ball. It is good practice to keep on these three points because at the end of the day you have invested in the products and they are only going to last as long as well as you treat them.

Principals to take care of your zorb ball

The maintenance of your zorb ball is going to vary from products but the main and the most basic of maintenance would be cleanliness and hygiene. You had better always wash your zorb ball down after use or at least once a week if it is not in operation. If you wish it, you can use detergents. And you should test an area prior to cleaning for any reactions. Good warm soapy water will be enough, which is normally the best option here. In addition, you must remember that the zorb ball should be fully dry before it is stowed.

Again this will vary depending on the product. It is necessary to have a competent or experienced person operating the zorb ball. You shouldn’t drag your zorb ball along the floor. It is false to use the handles for any other purpose other than safe holding. You must remove risk items from users and operators, such as earrings and watches etc. Please make sure there is no debris or obstruction in working area.

Storing or stowing
First of all, you should always store your zorb ball in a cool and dry environment, and store it at room temperature as much as possible. And you should store it off ground level and never store in wet or cold conditions. For example, it is not wise to store it outside. Second, you should make every effort to cover your zorb ball while it is stowed. Third, it is wrong to store your zorb ball for prolonged periods of time and certainly no longer than 3-4 weeks. Fourth, you should put your zorb ball in to inflate every 7 day. Last but not least, you should not stack inflatables on top of one another to minimize risk in punctures.

Where to buy a zorb ball
Whether you are looking for a zorb ball, you will find the perfect product in Kameymall. Keep in mind that we can also provide sexy bikinis, human hair wigs and so on.

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