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Home news Product A Bubble Ball Game Sharks And Minnows (Part 2)
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A Bubble Ball Game Sharks And Minnows (Part 2)

Jun, 09, 2022

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In the last article, we have shared the rules of the game of sharks and minnows. Let's review them. This game has many names in life, such as "Wolf", and the rules are similar, but we realised that "Wolf" is outdated and that the game of Shark and Fish has something special and brings you a new experience. So we decided to name it "Shark and Fish" to make it more recognisable.

Although both sharks and minnows live in the water, this game is really played on land. To play the game, everyone needs to wear a bubble zorb ball, which is what makes this game so special. There is a chosen shark in the middle of the field and the minnows are all lined up on one side of the field. When the whistle blows, all the minnows run to the other side of the field, trying not to get eaten by the big bad shark. If the minnows are 'caught down' they too turn into sharks and the last minnow standing is the winner. So, since the bubble zorb ball makes the game so much more fun and informative, how do I get my hands on a bubble ball?

zorb ball
Through a rental company

First of all, since individual bubble balls cost more, usually around $150, and a game usually requires 6-8 bubble balls, if you just want to experience the game with your family or friends at one of your parties, you can pay to rent some zorb balls from a rental company near you.

Buy some zorb balls

If you regularly experience the zorb ball related games, you can choose to buy these bubble balls yourself. Why is that? Firstly, there are many zorb ball related games out there, if you don't believe me, you can do a Google search and at least a dozen will come up. Secondly, there are many different zorb ball games that can be experienced in a variety of settings, such as at family parties, birthday parties, club events and even company functions. This is especially true for corporate events, where the zorb balls can be used many times over, even for years.

Where to buy zorb balls

If you've got your heart set on bubble balls and bubble ball games, I suggest you come to Kameymall and buy some bubble balls. There are three main types of zorb balls on the market - land zorb balls, water walking balls and game bubble balls - and all three are different in structure and size, so you need to be aware of them before you buy.

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