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Zorb Balls And Their Common Features

Apr, 24, 2022

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Zorbing is a very popular adventurous sport that is popular in countries like Canada, England and New Zealand. In this sport, the player is made to enter a transparent ball and the ball is rolled down on the fairly gentle surface having slope. This transparent ball is called a zorb ball or glass ball. It has two spheres, one inner and one outer differing in diameter and located at a distance of less than a meter. The difference between their diameters is nearly two times. The area between the two spheres is hollow and filled with air that makes it able to absorb shocks that are quite strong.

Inflatable Rolling Ball

There are main features of zorb balls:

1-Unlike other extreme sports, zorb ball won’t put lots of pressure to human hearts, so both the kids and the elder can enjoy this game as long as they are healthy.
2-The properties of being inflatable and deflectable make it very special. When the games is not being played, you can deflate and keep it safe.
3-PVC polymer being used as a constituent has a high quality that gives many properties like durability, resistance against toxin and environmental weathering.


Zorb ball be used on the water
Zorb ball is also a fun water game, and it is very easy to find such inflatable balls in many amusement parks and water Facilities. Before rolling, the staff will pour one or two barrels of water into the ball, with a water depth of about 70 cm. When the ball rolls, the user floats on the water and rolls with the ball.


Where will you buy a zorb ball
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