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Practical Ways Of Maintaining Safety Shoes

Jun, 21, 2022

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If you follow our articles, you will have noticed that we have already recommended you a lot of knowledge about the classification of safety shoes, their performance, occasions of use, and taught you how you can pick a reliable pair of safety shoes. Today, I would like to continue talking to you about how to clean and maintain safety shoes.

The life expectancy of safety shoes is closely related to the working environment. Under normal circumstances labour protection shoes need to be cleaned and maintained after a period of time. This is especially true for many girls who can't stand to have safety shoes for women on their feet that are dirty in any way. Today we will take you through exactly how to clean and maintain your safety shoes.

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How do I clean my safety shoes?

First of all, for dirty safety shoes, we should first clean the surface with a brush with some water, or if it is a leather type of shoe, then we should use a sponge with warm water. If there is oil and dirt on the surface, then you need to use a leather cleaner and a nylon brush to clean the surface. For the lining of the shoe, use a damp cloth to wipe it clean to avoid the salt of sweat entering the capillaries of the leather through the lining and damaging the leather tissue, making it dry and cracked.

Secondly, if it is a brushed leather or non-leather safety shoes, first of all, wait for the shoes to dry, use a brush to brush away the floating ash on the surface, then use a water splashing agent for treatment, never use shoe polish.

Once again, if the cleaning of the mesh upper is relatively simple, just use a shoe brush with some water and then dip it in soap to clean the mesh upper and sole two or three times repeatedly.

Finally, all safety shoes should be dried at room temperature, as leather is easily damaged, deformed, bent, dried out and burst, so do not put them near a heat source or in the sun.


How should I maintain my safety shoes?

Firstly, clean your safety shoes regularly, but do not use solvents as cleaning agents.

Secondly, clean the soles of your safety shoes regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt, mainly because the function of insulating shoes and anti-static safety shoes may be affected by the dirt on the soles, which may even endanger lives in serious cases.

In addition, the structure of the safety shoes must not be changed at will, as this is likely to affect the safety index of the safety shoes.

Finally, safety shoes should always be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.


The life span of safety shoes can only be extended if we use and maintain them correctly. So if you want to buy safety shoes, make sure you look at Kameymall.

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