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Why Not Try Sending Your Familiy An Air Track Mat?

Jun, 21, 2022

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Choose a good air track is nothing more than anti slip, slow shock these aspects, there will be a blank will be special article about it, today simply answer the Lord's question.  

How to choose a good air track?  

For the first time, look at the budget of the air track mat, even play rogue, can not use PVC to buy TPE price, figure out the price of the heart is how much, you can screen the fastest you want to fitness pad. The second is the brand. You can choose well-known brands not from a small factory, business is not blowing whether hype, see sales and word of mouth, to speak with strength.  

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What are the key points of choosing a fitness mat?  

It depends on your needs. If it is to relax and stretch, or is the use of plate support, you do not have to choose such a good cushion, general thickness is no problem, as long as the skid performance is not poor, dozens of times broken will not feel bad.  If it is to practice HIIT, dumbbells such uses, it is recommended that you buy not only to look at the anti-slip performance, but also consider thickness, quality and elasticity. Do not know when to start, it is rumored that the fitness pad thickness, the better, although the fitness pad thickness can increase comfort, but too thick will affect stability, the center of gravity is unstable, so it is generally not recommended that the fitness pad is too thick, in the case of consideration than the sky 10 mm, thick and not necessarily good.  In terms of quality, we can consider the materials of high-density PVC and TPE. The former is wearable and the latter comfortable. For other information, please refer to this picture.  

Can I use a yoga mat instead?  

Theoretically not, because of the practice of yoga stretching, relaxation and other static movements, so the thickness of the yoga mat is thinner. Of course, the price is also high, pay attention to what is stable, because of the material problem, prevent sliding to absorb the impact of the impact is far less than the fitness mat.  

In addition to stability, the needs of fitness pads also take into account wear-resistant, anti-slip, shock absorption, these two needs are not the same. But if the mat you bought is for static exercise only, you can use it if you have a yoga mat at home. To buy quality air pads, you can go to Kameymall and browse all the good pad pads.


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