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Different Types Of Shoes

Jan, 17, 2022

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There are many kinds of shoes: according to the object of wear, there are men's, women's and children's shoes; According to the season, there are single, clip, cotton, cool and other shoes; According to materials, there are leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes, and plastic shoes;
According to the process, there are sewing, injection molding, glue injection, molding, vulcanization, cold bonding, seam bonding, plastic lining, assembly, and other shoes; According to the style, the head types shoes include square head, square round head, round head, pointed round head and pointed head, and the heel types include flat heel, semi-high heel, high heel, and slope heel; There are high and low uppers, middle and high uppers;
According to the purpose, there are daily life shoes, labor protection shoes (safety shoes for women and for men), sports shoes, tourist shoes, negative heels, heightening shoes, etc.

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Leather shoes

Leather shoes refer to shoes with natural leather as the upper and leather or rubber, plastic, PU foam, PVC, etc. as the sole, which are processed and formed by sewing, gluing, or injection molding. Leather shoes are breathable, hygroscopic, and have good hygienic performance. They are the shoes with the highest grade among all kinds of shoes and boots.
Thousands of years ago, human ancestors had the habit of wearing shoes. They wrapped their feet with animal skin and made shoes from leather to modern leather shoes. Leather shoes have a long history.
In China, the production of modern leather shoes has only a history of more than 120 years, but because the shape, style, structure, and wearing function of leather shoes are better than other footwear, the production of leather shoes has developed rapidly.
Nowadays, leather shoes have become people's favorite kind of shoes, one of the bulk commodities to beautify people's life, and a "pivotal" product in clothing.

Sports shoes
Sports shoes are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people participating in sports or tourism. Different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes, the soles of sports shoes are generally soft and elastic, which can play a certain cushioning role.
Exercise can enhance elasticity, and some can prevent ankle injury. Therefore, in sports, most people should wear sports shoes, especially high-intensity physical sports, such as basketball, running, etc.

Cloth shoes
Cloth shoes, as the name suggests, are shoes made of cloth. Cloth shoes have a long history of more than 3000 years in China. According to research, the earliest hand-made cloth shoes were worn by the kneeling statue of the warriors of the Western Zhou Dynasty unearthed in Houma, Shanxi Province.
In 2009, "thousand layer bottom handmade cloth shoe making technology" was included in the list of national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of culture, so as to protect this ancient handmade technology.
Nowadays, cloth shoes are becoming fashionable, becoming the representative of "Chinese shoes" and returning to everyone's daily life.

Slippers are a kind of shoes. The heel is empty. Only the front has a toe. Most of them are flat bottoms. The material is often quite light and soft leather, plastic, cloth, etc. The types of slippers are distinguished according to the wearing occasion and performance purpose.
For example, beach slippers are not made of cloth, but plastic. This is because they need to be waterproof and easy to clean. The shoe head type is also specially designed. It is often called pinch slippers, which is what we call flip flops.
However, indoor slippers in winter may use fluffy cloth instead of plastic in order to keep warm, so that people can enjoy better in the room. There are also anti-static slippers commonly used in electronic factories and dust-free workshops.

Rubber shoes
Rubber shoes are composed of uppers and soles, with other auxiliary parts such as protection, reinforcement, and decoration. With different varieties, materials and shapes vary. The soles of cloth rubber shoes and rubber shoes are usually composed of the outsole (rubber sole in contact with the ground), sponge midsole, and midsole cloth.
The sole materials are generally natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, CIS polybutadiene rubber, polyurethane rubber, thermoplastic rubber, etc. Oil-resistant rubber shoes are made of neoprene and nitrile rubber. In recent years, blends of rubber and plastics (polyethylene, ethylene-vinyl acetate resin, polyvinyl chloride, etc.) are widely used.
Except for all rubber shoes, rubber and linen fabrics are widely used in fabrics. Natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, artificial leather, polyurethane foam, natural and artificial fur are widely used. Various adhesives, finishing agents and metal accessories are also used in the manufacture of rubber shoes.
The above is the material on the classification of shoes compiled by Kameymall.

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