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Are Rest Days Important for Exercise?

Jan, 17, 2022

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Keep track of everyone's favorite activities, write them down on a note, and put the note in the hat. Then at dinner time, have each person take one during their bedtime break and do that activity (eg fishing). This way you'll have a little more fun at your cookout.


Bring along some board games or cards if you have any

Arrange to have some dinner food and drinks delivered to your campsite (e.g., pizza, breadsticks) so you don’t have to worry about cooking! You’ll also save a lot of time if camping for several nights in a row.

If you’re at a campsite that suits RV’s, be sure to check if they offer delivery service or not. Lastly, ask around in your community – local companies might deliver dinner items as well!


Pack bug spray and sunscreen just in case
Check the weather forecast before setting off on your trip. If it's sunny and hot, be sure to bring some extra sunscreen so you don't get a bad sunburn! If you're going to spend time outside, take steps to avoid bug bites before you go. If there is a chance of a bug infestation in the area (for example, at a campground), bring some spray. Also, consider wearing a hat or hitting a stick to keep the bugs at bay. And you can get them at Kameymall at a great price.


Have something for each person to do during mealtime
To keep meals from getting boring, prepare a few activities for your family members to do (e.g., drawing, playing cards) while they wait for their food to cook or be ready.

Also, try to set up a makeshift game of corn hole on the table so everyone can play together – you’ll create some unexpected bonding time with this fun activity!

If you plan ahead and bring some games, it will also take the focus off of things like who got served first or who doesn’t have food yet. This way everyone has something to do while they wait for their turn at the grill.


Final notes
Next time you're planning a family trip, don't forget to check out the unique seasonal experiences that await you! With so much fun to do every season, it's impossible to predict what will happen at any given time. Zorb ball is a good choice for some fun activities.

hamster ball for adults

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