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giant inflatable bubble ball for zorb

Amazing!Some Facts About Zorbing

Jul, 27, 2022

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Before buying the zorb ball you can have a look at the nine amazing facts about zorbing.

Nine facts from zorbing

1. The maximum distance a human hamster ball can roll in a single roll is 570m, which is just over 1,870 feet. The record was set on 7 November 2006 in New Zealand by Steve Kemp as part of Guinness World Records Day.

2. The fastest Zorb ride was set on the same day by New Zealander Keith Kolver. He managed to reach a top speed of 32 miles per hour.

3. Zorb balls can handle almost any surface, no matter how bumpy or slippery they are. Rides can be done on snow, ice or even water.

4. A smaller wearable version of Zorb was created, enabling participants to play in a range of different games such as Zorb football, Zorb tag and even Zorb sumo.

5. Originally conceived by Dwane van der sluis and Andrew Akers in 1994, Zorb ball first gained popularity as an extreme sport in New Zealand and then quickly took the world by storm. Zorbing has now lived in the UK for over 10 years.

6. Zorbing was originally called orbing or spheering. The term Zorb first became popular in the early 90s.

7. Former England cricketer Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff holds the Zorb record for fastest 100m. He set a time of 26.59 seconds as part of his attempt to break as many world records as possible for Sport Relief in 24 hours.

8. In Hydro Zorbing, participants add approximately 20 liters of water to a Zorb ball. Once the balls start rolling, they go into a wet and wild descent, similar to being put in a washing machine!

9. Something similar to Zorbing first appeared on British TV in the popular '90s TV show Gladiator, at an event called Atlasspheres. Unlike modern Zorb balls, the sphere is made of steel.

Amazing Zorb Bubble
Welcome to Kameymall and buy one to enjoy zorbing! This zorb ball as you can see from this picture is called “Zorb Ball Inflatable Bubble Suit Black Dot 2.5M Tear Resistant Human Hamster Ball”, there are countless dots and maybe some players think it has a unique pretty sense. This size is 2.5m diameters so it’s bigger than others. If you select this zorb ball you can also receive some accessories, such as the carry bag for each ball and the repair kit. What’s more you should know how to maintain this zorb ball.

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