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Zorb Ball For Wonderful Summertime

Jun, 20, 2022

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Today, let me introduce a new game to you.

That is a zorb ball game!

The performance of the material greatly guarantees the safety factor of the product, so that tourists can enjoy the infinite charm of the water walking ball with confidence.

When the ball rolls down the slope, the people inside will rotate with the sphere, and you can experience weightlessness and rotation at the same time. Double stimulation, is addictive.

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(1) The number of times the sealed zipper can be used is very limited, and it is safe to use: the domestic sealed zipper is generally 300 times, and the imported sealed zipper is only 500 times. Use more than this safe number of times or in case of unqualified sealed zippers, or swimmers. If the person is pierced by a sharp and hard object, the sealed sphere will be filled with the gushing water column within a few seconds, and the personnel cannot escape in the sealed sphere, and rescue is difficult! Once it happens, the danger is huge!

(2) It is inflated as a whole, without separate airbags and other safety protection measures. Once it is accidentally punctured by a sharp and hard object, the gas will quickly leak out completely (it will sink as a whole in the water, and the land will be flattened), endangering the lives of people.

(3)The human body can only stay in a sealed balloon for ten minutes. If the operator is negligent, the personnel in the ball will be suffocated by hypoxia, endangering the safety of tourists (it is impossible to tell if there is a heart attack).
(4)The site is used to avoid sharp objects (such as stones, hard blocks, branches, and other sharp objects) ), when the space ball is rolling, please try to use the frontal part as far as possible. It can tilt left and right during the rolling process. Please make a 1.5-meter high slope barrier on the rolling site, and hold the barrier or pillar with soft cotton. The barrier can withstand a force of 300kg to avoid the danger of bruising and contusion caused by the alignment of the fixed rope with the ball.


Where to buy it

You can go to Kameymall to buy a zorb ball.

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