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Bring Forth New Ideas From Air Track Mats

Mar, 19, 2022

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During the study and research for new classes, maybe some PE teachers ask that a few students are lack of activities in the class. Maybe teachers should broad the creative ways to use air track mat in the class.

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Agility exercises

 The agility exercise is a key element of physical activity, which can be carried out to exercise the flexibility of the students' bodies and develop their quick reaction skills. In specific activities, teachers can put together several small gymnastic mats and then organize students to stand around the mats and walk clockwise or anti-clockwise according to a whistle or a password. At the end of the command, the students are the first to grab the mat. By doing this, the teacher can gradually eliminate students who are slow to move, thus achieving the purpose of training in the zone activity.

Teamwork exercises

 It is important to develop a united sportsmanship among students in the PE classroom. In specific physical training, small gymnastic mats can be used for extended training to cultivate the spirit of unity among students. For example, if 20 students stand on a small gymnastic mat, the task is completed if all 20 students stand on the mat. Then the gymnastic mats are reduced one by one to achieve the purpose of teamwork exercises.

Whole body exercises

The ultimate aim of physical education is to achieve the overall improvement of students' physical fitness, and this overall improvement requires whole-body exercises, so it is necessary to use small gymnastic mats for whole-body exercise training. In the specific whole-body exercise, the main purpose is to use the small gymnastic mat to do the "drill hole" exercise, so as to achieve the development of whole-body coordination.


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