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Promoting Construction From Air Track Mats

Mar, 19, 2022

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The small air mat track has a wide range of applications and receives a good physical exercise effect with its remarkable functions. The role of the small gymnastic mat in sports activities is described below.

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Basic background

Physical activity plays an important role in the physical and psychological well-being of students and is of great importance for physical education. In physical education, teachers use equipment to develop integrated physical activities that can enhance the overall ability of students.

Waist and abdominal strength exercises

Waist and abdominal exercises using small gymnastic mats are also very effective. Sit-ups, double-headers and back raises are currently part of the physical education curriculum and the main objective of these exercises is to train the waist and abdominal strength of the students. The use of small gymnastic mats allows these physical activities to be carried out in a safer and more qualitative manner, and the strength of the students' various muscle groups can be effectively improved in such training.

Lower body strength exercises

Small gymnastic mats can play an important role when performing lower body strength training. For lower body strength training, the mat should be placed vertically, so that it is at the right height for the student to exercise. By jumping continuously, the student will be able to build up the strength of the lower body. It is important to note that the placement of the mat needs to be adapted to the individual student, as there are differences in their fitness and physical ability. This way, the purpose of the exercise can be achieved while avoiding safety accidents.


Small air mat track has a particularly prominent role in integrated physical education activities, and it is important to explore the application of small gymnastic mats. Welcome to Kameymall and buy one for your new trying!


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