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Enjoy A Snow Zorb Ball

Mar, 10, 2022

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Zorb ball, also known as New Zealand zorb ball, is a huge double-layer ball with an outer diameter of more than 3m and an inner diameter of 1.8m. The ball is made of polymer PVC, which can ensure the comfort and safety of players. Before playing, fill the air between the outer ball and the inner ball with a blower. After the rider drills into the ball, he will be secured tightly with the help of the staff, then the ball rolls down from the flatter hill because of inertia and gravity. In the rolling process, the challenger will quickly and frequently rotate 360 degrees with the ball, so as to experience the strong stimulation brought by the alternation of weightlessness and overweight.

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There are some advice for playing snowball


1. Riders with heart disease, high blood pressure and weak physique should not participate in zorb ball activities. Children under the age of 12 and the elderly over the age of 55 should not participate if their height is less than 1.50M. The weight should not exceed 200 kg. If two people ride together, the weight should not be too different.

2. Some riders may suffer from dizziness and headache after riding the ball. It is suggested that after the ball stops rolling, riders should not drill out of the ball immediately and should stay at the same place and keep still for two minutes.

3. You shoes, keys, mobile phones, glasses and sharp trinkets should be placed in the bag fixed in the ball to avoid scratching the ball or hurting the body when rolling.

4.The zob ball is greatly affected by the weather. It should not be carried out in snowy days and windy days with force 4 or above, otherwise the ball is easy to roll out of the track and cause danger.


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